Ximena Kavelakas


Ximena Kavalekas is a Miami-based accessories brand specializing in hand-made python bags. Launched in 2015, the Ximena Kavalekas signature has already created a buzz within international fashion circles due to the fine quality and elegant designs of the luxurious handbags, made entirely in Italy.

The python skin, specially injected with a patented vitamin combination, is extremely soft and light in the expert hands of the Italian craftsmen who also deliver exclusive leather goods to some of the world's most celebrated fashion brands. Available in a variety of colors and metallic sprays, these beautiful accessories are designed to please each consumer. With the option of mixing and matching styles and colors according to the likes of every unique customer. The socially conscious Kavalekas donates a portion of her sales to Florida Fish & Wildlife's Python Patrol. Kavalekas’ collection has slithered up to Bergdorf Goodman, Moda Operandi, Cooperativa Shop, Bloomingdales Dubai & other high-end luxury boutiques.