Miami is like a city of hidden gems. There’s South Beach, but on the other side of Miami Bridge, you see a lot of creative spirit happening with independent shops and restaurants. After the last seven years of living here, we want to be a little off the beaten path. We have a different idea of what beach life is.’


“This is my beauty emporium for the best curated skincare brands. Gee Beauty also has their own makeup line, is a brow guru, and is the best place to get makeup done before a night out.” 




Food is a very big part of my life, but it’s not the only thing. I never thought I would get into that business because when I met my husband in New York, he was the one who had a restaurant. My grandparents had restaurants, but it was not on my radar. I worked in fashion, then beauty. I think when you really love what you do and it’s a reflection or extension of your life and lifestyle, it then becomes part if it. I see [my restaurant] Mandolin as a part of my home so when I entertain there, I treat it like my home. Whether it’s putting the flowers on the table, or presenting our food – it’s our kitchen.’



‘A friend of mine just opened The Sacred Space on the outskirts of Wynwood. Its Plant Food + Wine is the first vegan restaurant in Miami ever to get a four-star rating [from The Miami Herald]. They also do yoga and meditation; their wellness programming is phenomenal. It’s in the middle of this industrial area and it’s an open green area – it’s fantastic, so cool.’


‘When I really want to indulge, one of my personal favourites is Lucali, a Brooklyn-founded pizza parlour. I am very affected by my environment, I need a good soulful space and it just feels so right in there. The food is so good – they really care about the ingredients they use and you can taste the quality in their pizzas.’



‘A place I love on the beach is the Freehand Hotel. They have a bar called The Broken Shaker that’s run by Bar Lab. It’s so cool, it has well-curated cocktails and the place feels like it’s stuck in 1970s Florida. Its restaurant, 27, is next door in an old house, with bamboo furniture and palm prints. It‘s got a really fun mix of Jewish and Latin food.’

the Freehand Miami

the Freehand Miami


‘Panther Coffee café is a classic roaster. They opened about a year after we did. When we opened at the end of 2009 there was a sense of community and locality – a lot of young brands were coming up and wanted to support one another. Panther opened their coffee shop and they really do things with integrity. Now they’ve grown so much that they have a few outposts throughout the city: one at the beach, another in Coconut Grove and one in Wynwood.



‘For me, a perfect day at the beach would be to go to Soho House and use the beach facilities there. They do an amazing breakfast at Cecconi’s which is open to the public, and you sit in the little garden. If you prefer smaller, intimate, more low-key accommodation, then definitely the rooms at the Soho House are unsurpassed, I feel like it’s the ultimate beach house. I also like a local part of South Beach called Sunset Harbour, it has a really fun vibe and it’s developed over the years. It’s close to to The Standard Spa Miami Beach hotel [], which is a near and dear place for us because it was where we stayed when we first started visiting. So I still go there all the time to watch the sunset, have some rosé and eat chips.’


Soho Beach House – the perfect base for a Miami break


‘Wynwood Art District is on everybody’s map. It’s kind of an extension of the Design District in Midtown and is just brimming with fun shops, cafés and bars. One of my favourite spots that I always recommend for breakfast or lunch is Zak The Baker. It’s our local baker and, aside for all the baked goods, he also does incredible breakfasts in the morning with local avocado, beet with feta, za’atar and home-made hummus. It’s delicious and super healthy. All that area is fun. Then you can get some energy, walk around and check out all the galleries.’


‘One of my favourite things to do in Florida is to go all the way down to the end of the beach to South Pointe Park and rent bikes that you can pick up and drop off as you go. It’s great exercise and you get to see all the Art Deco architecture. Either pack a picnic with you or stop at My Ceviche and have some lunch out on the beach. You get to see the whole stretch of ocean drive from afar.’